Financial Management & Accounting

Effective financial management and accounting is critical to managing change.  Without this, it is impossible for the management to set clear objectives, monitor whether they are being achieved and reward its employees appropriately.  At JVS Consulting, we have designed an approach that helps focus our clients’ resources on managing issues that are critical to their organisation.
Our Services Include:
  • Review of financial statements and their restatement under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Revision of accounting procedures and controls to bring them up to IFRS and GAAP standards.
  • Review of financial management processes and proposals for rationalisation to improve performance.
  • Design of costing and management reporting systems for pricing and performance measurement.
  • Design and implementation of budgeting systems and preparation of budgets.
  • Specification, design and implementation of Financial Management Information Systems.
  • Accounting Set Up & Processes, Profit and Loss Analysis and Cost and Benefit Analysis.
  • Establishment of finance functions, definition of organisational structure, and specification of job descriptions.
  • Introduction of internal and external audit procedures.
  • Implementing Risk Based Internal Audit.
  • Training
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