Business Re-engineering & Turnaround

Business process re-engineering is known as business process redesign, transformation or change management. The objective in reengineering is not to get the rework done more efficiently but to eliminate it entirely by doing away with the mistakes and confusion that necessitate it. Processes, not organisations are the object of reengineering. Business Objectives are achieved in an organisation with designed Business Processes and Management Practices. As the Business Objectives change its inevitable that business processes and management practices will also need to change.

Reengineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed. At JVS Consulting we have designed an approach to Business Reengineering by rendering the following services by addressing the issues facing Business Reengineering and Turnaround
  • Conducting SWOT analysis along with risk matrix and developing corporate strategies for rationalisation, divestment and investment.
  • Preparation of Business Plans.
  • Profitability analysis of operating divisions, products, customer, distribution channels.
  • Definition and implementation of new corporate and organisational structures, including the establishment of autonomous business units.
  • Assessment and rationalisation of key business processes in production, logistics, purchasing, sales and marketing.
  • Identifying sources of financing and finding joint venture partners.
  • Preparation of staffing plans, job descriptions and assistance with recruitment.
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