Business Strategy

Business Strategy is the plans, choices and decisions used to guide a company to greater profitability and success. An inspired and clearly considered strategy provided the impetus for commercial success whereas a weak or misunderstood strategy may lead to a company going out of business.

From start-ups to established businesses wishing to expand, we can help you develop a sound business plan with detailed financial projections. A starting point for any business is knowledge of its break-even point. From this data, important production volume and pricing decisions can be made. We have developed effective models that track cost and volume. It is important for management, key officers and board members to steer a business in the right direction.

To help your business performs better in good markets and bad, JVS Consulting offer a full range of strategy services to suit your needs.

Business start-up - characterised by the need to acquire or develop the capabilities needed to launch a new business which may include people, funding, customers, technology and knowledge.

Business Turnaround - Taking a business that is struggling, stabilising it and getting it back on track including divestment or exit plans, de-mergers and cost reductions.

Growth strategy - We help distinguish between good, sustainable, profitable, nearsighted, value-diluting growth whether by acquisition, expansion or new market entry.

Realignment - Revitalising a business, product or team that is drifting, giving cause for concern or operating in a plateau rather than improving.

Business unit and corporate strategy - Whether you face long-term challenges or short-term imperatives, we conduct competitive analysis, define pricing tactics and develop product and customer portfolio strategies.
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