Project Finance & Management

Project is a collection of linked activities, carried out in an organized manner with a clearly defined start point and finish point, to achieve some specific results that satisfy the needs of an organization as derived from the current business plans. Project Management is a dynamic process utilizing the appropriate resources of the organization in a controlled and structured manner employed to achieve a change clearly defined with specific objectives identified as strategic needs. The rapid advance of modern technology has created an enormous group of specialists each with experience and extensive knowledge needed for that work. Even the smallest project today may call for this experience and knowledge from technologists, engineers, scientists, finance specialists, marketers, sales people and others. At JVS Consulting, we have designed an approach for Project Management by rendering following services
  1. Project Report Preparation.
  2. Project feasibility studies.
  3. Project Risk Assessment and Management.
  4. Post Project Appraisal and Evaluation.
  5. Design and Assessment of Project Financial Management System
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